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"I've been taking Taina's classes for almost 2 years now.  She's a great dancer and teacher.  Her music is fantastic and varied - she's always coming up with new routines.  When you go to class, prepare yourself for lots of booty shaking! :)" Veronica C.

"Best Zumba class in San Francisco and the Bay Area!

I have tried other Zumba classes and I felt lost in the choreography. Taina has choreography that is fun to do!  She doesn't use the same Zumba choreography or music like the rest of the instructors.  It is a dance routine that makes sense... There's a great flow to the steps and music.  She spends time picking out Latin music  that is original, fun and makes you want to dance!  I have learned so many styles of Latin and current dance routines that I never thought I could do. I never thought I would be able to even do a Zumba class! Taina made it happen! Her classes have been beneficial to my health overall and I LOVE attending class! We also have a great class that feels like family when we are around each other. It's always a fantastic night at Zumba!!!" Jennifer M. C.

"Hand down best Zumba class I ever attended!

Not only is Tai energetic but her class is a very positive and happy environment where you can't help but smile and dance!

I attempted many different classes before and never have I felt so welcome as I did in this class. Highly recommend it, especially if you are intimidated by new classes as I am." Cibelle S.

"Listen.....If you ever get a chance to take Tai's Zumba┬« class, DO IT!  I stopped by Tai's class while on a trip and it was fantastic! I am Zumba┬« instructor and am very critical of other instructors, but Tai has it all! She cares about her participants, she sticks to the format, the variety of music and rhythm she uses in class is so world-wide, she keeps the choreography simple so everyone can follow along and feel successful. She is also group fitness certified through AFAA which means that she knows how to properly choreograph/teach ensuring that what she does in class is safe for the participants and that she is able to correct any unsafe movements.

P.S. She's super nice, too!" Lalaine

"I can never really express how HAPPY I am to found Tai's Zumba class. Her class are full of energy and dynamic, that makes this class to be the BEST out-there. Music choice and choreography dance are so much fun!!! And easy steps to follow .... I would recommend it and once you know her you fall in love with her class." Cristina T.

"I jus took my first Zumba class ever and did Tai's class today, She has got fantastic energy! She created choreography that flowed to the music and was easy to pick up right away. Music selection was great as it really gets you into the rhythm and gets your adrenalin pumping. Was so much fun- I am really looking forward to the next one!" Shari R.

"There is nothing you won't like about Tai.

is energetic
can dance, even though I lack the ability
has excellent song choices
will make you sweat

I've taken Zumba from 3 different people, she is definitely my favorite. She's one of the top reasons I bought so many class packages and sessions at Purusha Yoga. There is a reason her class has much more people than the rest, people love her. Maybe it's her personality, dance moves, or whatnot; but her class is packed with Tai followers just like me. Sometimes it takes motivation to go to class but once you're there, you will be glad you came. 

Strap on your tennis shoes and Zumba with Tai!!!!" Kylie L.

"I absolutely love Tai's zumba classes.  I've been taking her classes at Purusha Yoga for a couple months.  You will work up a sweat and have a great cardio workout, while toning your muscles, and having fun dancing with a room full of women.  Tai's energy is infectious and I love every minute of the class... even when my legs are burning  :)  Music is great, she does a great job of mixing up songs/dance routines while keeping some of the same, so if you go repeatedly you get to dance to some of your favorite songs and always try something new too.  No complaints whatsoever about these classes!!" Christie B.

"Tal is such an inspiring and supportive Zumba teacher, I don't even know where to begin this review. Tal is clearly an experienced dancer, and is able to communicate this expertise to everyone in the class, including beginners. Her classes challenge all levels of zumba students and include a great mix of high energy and groove rhythms--perfect for a calorie-burning workout as well as a fun dance experience. I am so happy I found Tal!" Allison H.

"Zumba with Taina is the best way to pass an hour exercising!  The music is great, Taina's energy is infectious and the people who come to her class are all so warm and supportive.  It's a great overall workout and I always feel better afterwards." Robyn L.

"Zumba with Tai is an amazing deal! The women (and occasional men) who dance during the class are friendly and inviting. Taina, the instructor, is amazing! Her dance moves are up beat, and I always feel like I'm dancing at a club instead of attending an exercise class. Taina's class is appropriate for any exercise level. There is a nice variety of fast pace followed by slower paced songs, so everyone can keep up. This is by far the best Zumba class around!" Debbie K.

"Zumba with Tai is absolutely awesome. A class that you just don't want to miss."
Ann N.

"I wish I could give Tai more stars. I just LOVE her class. I have been doing Zumba for almost 6 months. I started when Tai began teaching at Purusha. And I got hooked. Tai's energy is contagious, and her routines are very fun. Zumba is a very demanding fitness class, and you work every single muscle of your body. But Tai's class is so fun that, like she says, I forget I am working out and am just having fun. Time flies by because her class really feels like a party. And as a Colombian,  I know what a good Latin party is!

I have tried 4 different instructors, but Tai is simply the best. Her music selection is great. She includes reaggeton, zamba, salsa, merengue,  and other Latin rhythms in all her routines. And in addition to being a great fitness instructor, Tai is a fabulous dancer. She combines dancing and Zumba in a way that no other instructor does. Moreover, her classes are never boring. She regularly introduces new songs but maintains a perfect balance with other routines that we know.  

I could keep listing the reasons why I like Tai's class so much, but I'm going to stop here because you should try her class and find your own reasons to love Zumba with Tai!" Luisa E.

"so amazing! you can really get in the groove with Tai." Lanna G.

"this class is the funnest class ive been to in years! the rhythm is amazing!" Beth B.

"Wonderful Zumba class. Tai is a great, dancer full of energy and fun with a Brazilian flavor! I definitely recommend her classes!" Marina M.

"Taina is the best Zumba instructor I've experienced and I've experienced quite a few! I've been going for years now and just keep forgetting to put up a review. Her routines are engaging without being too challenging. Though she always tells her new students it's all about having fun and not about the steps. Her music is fun and primarily Latin with some Michael Jackson and Prince mixed in for good measure. :) Besides the Zumba part, Taina is a truly sweet and caring person! If you become a regular (which nearly everyone who experiences her classes does), you will find yourself in the Zumba Family! Taina gets to know everyone and will ask after you and miss you when you're gone. So if you live anywhere near her classes (and even if you don't), make a trek over! She is worth twice what she charges (and she barely charges anything)!!" Melanie T.

"So much fun!!! Great music, great choreography and a great teacher! Obrigada Tai ;)" Ella G.

Classes Price

10 classes $120 ($12 per class) - 3 months expiration

20 classes $200 ($10 per class)  - 6 months expiration

10 Classes student price (WITH A VALID ID) $75 ($7,50 per class) - 3 months expiration

Drop ins $15

First Class is free! does not apply for Groupon/Class Pass or Yelp users. 


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    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
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    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.